Me HOTEL, London


From the moment we stepped into the 40ft high atrium reception, saw the swimming electric jelly fish projected onto the walls and we’re handed a welcoming glass of Prosecco, we knew, We love Me HOTEL London. Having visited their impressive roof bar and restaurant (RadioMe) many times before and enjoyed panoramic city views with smooth sounds; we’d never actually stayed at the hotel.


Opening the door to our suite, a long corridor lead to some steps that teased at the giant bedroom ahead, this already had us smiling. The suite was spacious, luxurious and quite beautiful. A living room area, two bathrooms, one with a bath a size that a dolphin would be comfortable in. Huge televisions, superbly stocked mini (more like maxi) bars provide all you need. The bed was as comfortable as a marshmallow on a cloud. Our room over looked the Strand; so a view of black cabs, red buses and trooping tourists made it fun for people watching from the many windows.

Another trip up to the roof for cocktails (as you do) and a long soak in the bath was the prelude to a perfect nights sleep.

Some hotels are hard to say goodbye to, and this is definitely one of them. We didn’t need an excuse to stay there, and we certainly don’t need one to go back!


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