Dolce Vista – Valdobbiadene

Once again, we have to recommend a hotel that you can’t book through us, but that’s just because we love Dolce Vista!

About an hour or so drive north of Venice sits a beautifully restored farmhouse with stunning views of the many neighbouring vineyards. In case you didn’t realise it, you are in prosecco country, the very heart of it!

The two staff greet us with smiles and .. prosecco! There are only 7 rooms here, so you can imagine the intimate feel it gives.

We relaxed in the small but satisfying pool, and sampled the grapes hanging just feet from where we had been swimming. Then for dinner, we strolled to a local pizza restaurant, which was lovely. (Note* Only breakfast is provided/available at the hotel)

We took advantage of our location by visiting a vineyard the next morning, the world famous Bisol. Which was an amazing experience, very educational.

There’s nothing to fault here, the rooms are charming with sensational views, the location is idilic.

Definitely suited to those of you who are more inclined to relax. Although hiking and bike riding in the area is very popular, that just wasn’t what we wanted to do.

So, once again, thank us later!

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